A responsive and interactive consulting platform comprised of speakers, writers, artists, researchers, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and public servants who are committed to listening, understanding, and working with clients in order to convert their current experiences with problems into a larger space for discussing, developing and implementing solutions.


Our services include:


Going deep inside the problem space to extract likely levers of change; we “listen” closely to the problem.


Using what we hear to advise and coach leaders and their teams to help them focus and stay inside their vision for change.


Using what we learn to create new narratives that support change efforts.

Voices In THe Public Way

A space where we feature what our Team Members (and friends) are putting out in the public way...to change the narrative and to solve hard problems.

Featured Post

In The Public Way Inc. has its own Point of View on what it means to shift child welfare into the social justice space…giving families and their children the “break” they deserve in an unjust and inequitable world…

The problem with public problems is that they do not really feel “public” until there is a tragedy or disaster. It is not that “We the Public” are unaware that something is wrong; we are just not intimately connected with the struggles waged by those living inside the problem.

We Solve Problems

Do you ever wonder why we, as a nation, keep throwing money at hard problems and the problems keep winning?


Why does it seem as though we are working hard on big problems in spaces that are too small to get anything done?


Why are our public narratives and conversations most often about describing problems in sound bites focused on who, what, where, and when but not on why or on how to address the problems and make change?

Words From BJ

BJ Walker

Founder & President

“We are a mission driven business.”

We Believe:

That big, seemingly intractable problems need more than plans, processes, and products – they need people and they need new narratives.

That if we bring the voices and energies of those inside the problem out into the public way–making their struggle public and inviting them into the conversation, they will be able to participate differently, more powerfully, and more broadly in the solution space.

That not every effort to make change is equal and that identifying, focusing on and moving the right levers is critical to achieving sustainable impact.

That someone besides those struggling with the problem must care that it gets solved. The nation needs to care, the public needs to care. New narratives can help them care.


What does it mean to be In the Public Way?
Per the First Amendment, it is our collective right to practice what we believe, to assemble freely, to speak our mind and to petition our government for redress.