Cliff Freeman

Cliff Freeman

Full Stack Developer

Cliff is a Tech Enthusiast, with a central focus on web based technologies that connect the world.  His background is in Computer Information Systems, Technology Management and Education. 


Personal Statement

Cliff developed his first website in 2014 as an undergraduate student while teaching an intro to computer science class. The website’s, which predated Google Classrooms, function was to organize class lessons, references, and other class information which is now regularly used in popular e-learning platforms such as Google Classrooms. Since then, Cliff took up web development and general digital space development as a hobby, helping small groups of people establish web presences. More recently, Cliff jump started his hobby into a small one man shop where he helps to develop digital spaces for small black owned businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Cliff’s day job is working at the Young People’s Project as the Director of STEM Programs, where young people are employed to facilitate high quality mathematics and computer science workshops to middle and elementary school students who have been virtually shut out from quality grounding STEM educational experiences.