Ira Cutler

Ira Cutler

Public Sector Leader & Change Management Specialist

In his 40 year career focused on improving human services Cutler has been a direct service provider, line supervisor and administrator in county and state public agencies, a foundation executive and a consultant.

Personal Statement

IRA CUTLER’s forty-year career has focused on policy, human services and public administration. Working in both the public and private sectors, he has served as a direct service caseworker, a front-line supervisor and a County Director of Social Service in rural and urban counties. At the state level he was Assistant Secretary of the state Health and Social Services agency in Wisconsin, and later was Deputy Director of the Medicaid Bureau. 

After two decades in government Ira worked as the Director for Planning and Development at The Annie E. Casey Foundation, helping to establish long range plans to guide the foundation through rapid growth and increasing national prominence. After leaving Casey, he was co-founder of a highly successful national consulting firm whose clients included non-profits, national and community foundations, and local governments. Ira was a close-in consultant to the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative for several years and was a Vice President at Metis Associates, a nationally known and highly regarded research and evaluation firm headquartered in New York City.


Major Work in the Public Way

Major Accomplishment

Directed Wisconsin’s first pilot for integrated service delivery, merging eight previous departments into a single comprehensive human services agency

Led the Annie E Casey Foundations New Futures Initiative, a prototype for large scale, multi-site national foundation initiatives. 

Authored the first 5 year strategic plan for the Annie E Casey Foundation

Co-created and managed the Cornerstone Consulting group, a successful and highly regarded multi-purpose consulting firm