Words From BJ

“We are a mission driven business.”

We Believe:

That big, seemingly intractable problems need more than plans, processes, and products – they need people and they need new narratives.

That if we bring the voices and energies of those inside the problem out into the public way–making their struggle public and inviting them into the conversation, they will be able to participate differently, more powerfully, and more broadly in the solution space.

That not every effort to make change is equal and that identifying, focusing on and moving the right levers is critical to achieving sustainable impact.

That someone besides those struggling with the problem must care that it gets solved. The nation needs to care, the public needs to care.  New narratives can help them care.

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What does it mean to be In the Public Way?
Per the First Amendment, it is our collective right to practice what we believe, to assemble freely, to speak our mind and to petition our government for redress.

IN THE PUBLIC WAY is a platform for exploring and promoting solutions that are demand-driven and principle- centered, solutions that emanate from the struggles of those living inside the problem, solutions that recruit and engage those who can invest their time and resources, solutions that execute on critical problem-centered transactions, and solutions that create narratives and conversations powerful enough to keep the problem visible in the public way.